1. Operator

An operator is a person who processes the personal data of the person concerned (you). The operator is TTS Martin, s.r.o. with registered office in Príbovce 343, 038 42 Príbovce, ID 36 394 327, hereinafter referred to as “TTS Martin”. If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail at tts (at) .

These policies have been developed to explain the protection of personal data and to enhance transparency in its processing. These rules will be regularly updated and published on The rules will take effect on May 25, 2018.

2. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that our websites (servers) send to your web browser and which your internet browser stores on your device (such as your computer, phone, or tablet).

Thanks to these files, we are able to identify you and offer you information and marketing content designed for you every time you visit, so we will make your stay more enjoyable on our website. Based on cookies, we can not usually identify you exactly. If we are able to identify you while using our online services or websites, we will process the personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the terms of the applicable service you are using. The legal basis for such processing of personal data is (i) your consent as the data subject and (ii) in the case of monitoring and evaluating our activities, our legitimate interest in offering you the best possible service or service support for our services and sites.

3. What cookies do we use

Depending on the type of cookies and settings of your Internet browser, they may be permanent or temporary (as long as you have an Internet browser running or for the time specified in its settings). Permanent cookies help identify your device while visiting our website and allow us to prevent the same content from being repeatedly displayed. Temporary cookies are automatically frozen when you close the internet browser and allow you to store some information that will make your stay more enjoyable on our website (for example, you will not need to re-enter data into forms). You can always delete cookies, whether they are permanent or temporary.

We only use basic cookies on our websites: They are necessary for the operation of our website and can be used to authenticate users, prevent fraud and unauthorized access to the user accounts of our online services, or offer various features.

4. How we use cookies

As soon as you visit one of our websites, we will store one or several cookies on your device. We use cookies in particular to help identify and identify repeat visitors, authenticate registered users, know the type of content you are viewing, other websites you’ve visited, the length of your visit to each section of our website, and the functionality, which you used on our website.

We may identify you based on cookie information under certain circumstances and associate your cookie data with you as a specific person. As a result, we will collect this cookie information and only process the personal data you have acquired based on your consent. You agree to use cookies and the appropriate settings when you first visit our website. Depending on your Internet browser settings, we may ask for this consent repeatedly every time you visit us. Your consent is always voluntary and unconditional, and therefore, even if you do not provide it to us, you may still visit and use our websites and online services and products to the extent that the cookies are not necessary for their functionality and accessibility. If you disable or restrict the use of cookies, this may affect the functionality and accessibility of our sites and services, and it may happen that all or part of our services will not be fully functional or accessible to you.

5. Agree to use cookies

Cookies are only used if you agree. You will grant us your consent and its scope at the first visit of our website and depending on the settings of your internet browser, either after the set time or after each next start. In addition,

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after deleting your consent, you can delete your cookies from your device either through your internet browser or directly from the appropriate directory on your device.

You can set cookies and permissions in each Internet browser.

Please note that in the case of deletion or unauthorization of cookies, our site may not display or offer some parts or functionality, and some pages may not display properly or may be inaccessible.