MP-AUTOMATIC switchboards are used for automatic load transmission from the mains (when failured) to the genset and back (after the mains restore). Its major part is automatic control unit, which except that function comprendiously informs about the mains, engine and alternator condition.

It is possible to complete the switchboard with the other functions as well as to place it outside the genset, which depends of customer’s request. MP-AUTOMATIC switchboards are standardly designed in TN-S voltage systems (optionally TN-C,TT, IT) with protection degree of IP40/20.

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MP-MANUAL control boards are used for management of genset working as independent energy source, where the load connection and disconnection is managed by an operator.
Control unit ensures genset protection against emergency conditions and monitors operation parameters of the engine and the generator.

MP-MANUAL control boards are designed in TN-S voltage systems (optionally TN-C,TT, IT) with protection degree IP40/20.

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MP-ATS control boards are segregated from control circuits in separate box with protection degree IP40/20. It is used for automatic switching of the load between the mains and the generator. According the voltage system TNC, or TN-S it contains 3- or 4-poles switches of relevant output and besides this also 3phase 16A mains output for own genset consumption and mains voltage monitoring.

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MP – PARALLEL control boards are used for parallel cooperation of the generating sets or the cogenerating units. Method of this parallel cooperation of the gensets between each other, or with the mains is designed according requests and real user’s necessity. According this requests relate the applied system and equipment of the gensets and MP PARALLEL control boards.

MP-PARALLEL control boards are designed in
 TN-S voltage systems (optionally TN-C,TT, IT) with protection degree IP40/20

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Above described control boards are the standard types. But we can produce any kind of control board according the customer’s requests and wishes!