TTS MARTIN, s.r.o.

  • production of the generating sets and cogeneration units
  • modernization, production and supply of the switchboards
  • studies, projects, engineering and building preparations including supply and installation of the genset
  • warranty and after-warranty service, agreement maintenance
  • key deliveries of backup system
  • official distribution and technical support for industrial engines FPT IVECO


Power source unit (called also as genset, diesel generator, generator or backup source) is device, which can be used as backup or primary source of electric power. Its base is diesel (possibly also petrol or gas) combustion engine and synchronous alternator. Gensets are basic system for production of electricity on places, where is necessary to avoid blackout of mains, where is electric current production by this system the most effective and most reliable

Combined Heat
and Power Powerplant

Power plant
Yunus Emre

Solar hybrid systems Turkmenistan

ISO 9001 FPT Powertrain Technologies


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One of the most important Slovak magazines about economy and entrepreneurship has written article about our company. TREND magazine is weekly read by almost 150 000 readers interested in news from local and worldwide business. You can find the article in the last...

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