Cogeneration units for natural gas
CHP typeElectric powerElectric efficiencyThermal power
MP 40 CU35 kW31,3%55 kW
MP 50 CU44 kW34,1%63 kW
MP 60 CU50 kW33,8%79 kW
MP 80 CU64 kW36,1%96 kW
MP 90 CU70 kW34,6%109 kW
MP 130 CU105 kW37,4%143 kW
MP 180 CU138 kW40,0%164 kW
MP 200 CU157 kW39,8%187 kW
MP 250 CU207 kW40,0%246 kW
MP 280 CU211 kW39,9%267 kW
MP 300 CU236 kW40,0%282 kW
MP 325 CU254 kW37,4%342 kW
MP 400 CU332 kW40,3%392 kW
MP 450 CU 356 kW39,0%443 kW
MP 500 CU404 kW39,5%472 kW
MP 550 CU420 kW39,5%535 kW
MP 600 CU497 kW39,8%588 kW
MP 650 CU530 kW39,5%661 kW
MP 1000 CU776 kW42,4%869 kW
MP 1100 CU854 kW42,8%940 kW
MP 1250 CU1012 kW44,0%1005 kW
MP 1500 CU1199 kW42,9%1334kW
MP 1900 CU1532 kW44,3%1507 kW
MP 2100 CU1718 kW43,0 %1908 kW
MP 2500 CU2028 kW44,3%2028 kW
MP 3000 CU2530 kW44,1%2522 kW
Cogeneration units for biogas
CHP typeElectric powerElectric efficiencyThermal power
MP 40 BCU32 kW32,0%52 kW
MP 80 BCU64 kW35,2%96 kW
MP 130 BCU105 kW38,3%141 kW
MP 150 BCU124 kW36,1%181 kW
MP 180 BCU138 kW38,5%164 kW
MP 200 BCU157 kW39,3%187 kW
MP 250 BCU211 kW39,7%253 kW
MP 280 BCU211 kW39,7%253 kW
MP 300 BCU236 kW38,9%282 kW
MP 325 BCU254 kW38,7%343 kW
MP 400 BCU332 kW38,4%392 kW
MP 450 BCU365 kW38,6%489 kW
MP 500 BCU404 kW39,5%472 kW
MP 600 BCU497kW40,1%588 kW
MP 650 BCU530 kW39,9%660kW
MP 1000 BCU800 kW43,0%872 kW
MP 1250 BCU999 kW42,7%1092 kW
MP 1500 BCU1169 kW43,0%1278 kW
MP 2000 BCU1560 kW43,1%1746 kW
MP 2500 BCU1950 kW43,3%2178 kW
Cogeneration units for liquid fuels

CHP typeElectric powerThermal powerFuel consumption
MP 15 L-DCU12 kW25 kW4.5 l/h
MP 20 L-DCU16 kW32 kW5.6 l/h
MP 25 L-DCU20 kW44 kW7.7 l/h
MP 40 I-DCU30 kW (40 kW *)36 kW (49 kW *)9 l/h
MP 100 I-DCU82 kW105 kW23 l/h
MP 130 I-DCU104 kW (120 kW *)118 kW (136 kW *)29 l/h
MP 150 I-DCU132 kW (150 kW *)148 kW (168 kW *)37 l/h
MP 250 M-DFCU200 kW (250 kW *)242 kW (290 kW *)55 l/h
MP 325 M-DFCU270 kW (333 kW *)273 kW (332 kW *)72 l/h
MP 400 M-DFCU336 kW (400 kW *)375 kW (443 kW *)89 l/h
MP 500 M-DFCU432 kW (500 kW *)483 kW (554 kW *)114 l/h
MP 1400 U-DCU1110 kW1179 kW271 l/h
MP 1700 U-DCU1395 kW1460 kW370 l/h
MP 2500 U-DCU2090 kW2200 kW555 l/h
MP 3500 U-DCU2780 kW2899 kW740 l/h
(*) – valid for dual-fuel operation

Cogeneration is modern technology of producing heat and electrical energy, which considering the rising price of energies founds more and more places of use.
It is based on the principle of producing heat and electrical energy in the one machinery – cogeneration units.
This principle is in the combustion engine which drives three-phase generator which produces electrical energy. Heat is extracted engine jacket water, oil and exhaust gases. Output of the heat is usually in form of heating water but when needed it is possible to use thermal oil or steam. It is possible to extend cogeneration unit by absorption chiller for chilled water production for so called trigeneration.

Cogeneration finds its use everywhere, where the electrical energy is needed for own consumption, parallel work with the mains or as a stand-by source at the mains failure and at the same time heat can be used for heating, from hospitals, industrial, agricultural and food plants, office buildings, swimming pools, culture centers to residential buildings, hotels and pensions.

Combined heat and power production means 35% lower fuel consumption and same decrease of ecological load of the country. It will have a great meaning in the future because of its high efficiency of producing energy.
Most common fuel for cogeneration units is natural gas. But very interesting is also possibility of using biogas in the agriculture, food industry, landfills and sewage plants. When the use of natural gas or biogas is not possible, LPG is used as fuel for cogeneration units. New alternative is usage of liquid fuels made from waste or biomass.

Assumption for effective investment return is professionally prepared study of installation of the cogeneration unit. TTS Martin offers to customers also design and project documentation, production of designed cogeneration unit or units, testing, commissioning, service and spare parts supply.