Air cooled genset optional parts

Slow motion chassis

Hand chassis

Homologized chassis

Flexible exhaust hose

Silenced canopy
Exhaust silencer
Remote control
Automatic control panel
Engine heater

20 l external fuel tank

Further available:

  • electronic voltage regulator

Water cooled genset optional parts

Homologized chassis
up to 3,5 t

Homologized chassis
up to 6 t

Silenced canopy

Silenced container

Retention bath

Residential silencer

Automatic fuel filling device

Special canopy according
request of customer

Spare radiator

Refueling device

Further available:

  • remote signalization and control panel
  • increased protection IP23
  • increased protection IP45
  • performance class G3
  • electronic speed governor
  • permanent magnet alternator
  • additional radiator for emergency cooling
  • remote control through GSM or ethernet for monitoring and control of genset
  • increased fuel tank for 24 hours
  • extrasilenced canopy

On request of customer, we can produce also nonstandard accessories and type of genset, which are not mentioned in our offer.