Hydrostatic power units

Power unit with engine and hydrogenerator. Unit is designed for actuation movement and hydraulic drive of machines. For this purpose a special canopy was designed, acording requests of customer.

Solar hybrid system

System that connects different ways of energy sources. Solar panels, which are charging batteries, are used as a primary source. In case of low sunlight, energy are supplied from batteries. As a secondary power source is used genset, which ensures power supply and battery charging during bad light conditions.

Usage of waste heat for water heating

Genset with use of the heat from exhaust gas. This heat is used for heating of water in secondary circuit, throught which the gases pass.

Mobile testing station

Mobile testing station for testing gensets directly in place of instalation. Station is carried on truck while measurement is possible to be done as well as on the truck as after putting station down on the floor.

Different solutions of mobile gensets

Gensets can be mounted on homologized chassis for road transportation. They can be equiped with different equipment according customer requests.

Supersilent genset

Genset in supersilent design. Canopy is specially developed for high noise reduction. With this design we were able to have noise level 80 LWA (55 dBA na 7 m).

Genset with increased fire resistance

Genset with increased fire restistance. This resistance is ensured by painting, which increase the volume in contact with flames to isolating sheet-metals from acting heat. Inlet and outlet jalousies are covered by fireproof tape with the same function as outer painting.