Besides recently celebrated 20 years on the market, we also celebrated another anniversary of unit with serial number G2000. Festively decorated genset was handed to its owner, one of our important customers.

Production of own Martin Power branded products started in TTS Martin in 1998 and serial number marking from G001 started. Thanks to its high quality of production and service, Martin Power machines (abbreviated as MP) became known as quality standard on Slovak market and successfully entered also foreign countries.

In 2013, there were 150 pieces of gensets, cogeneration units and power units produced in TTS Martin out of which more than 40% were for export. In first half of 2014, annual increase of produced gensets was 15%, therefore it is expected that by end of the year the number of produced units will be over 170. Still it is less than in record-breaking 2007 when more than 200 units were produced. But thanks to many opened development projects it is in all likelihood that we will reach this limit again